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Nexco Engineering provides a wide range of tailored services and dedicated personnel trained to meet the needs of the offshore crane and lifting industry.

Our integrated services include operation, maintenance, inspection, training and repair programmes for all makes of crane. We also undertake feasibility studies and design, manufacture and implement work on a wide range of tasks where crane and lifting expertise is called for. Furthermore, our services have evolved to include the complete management and administration of offshore lifting equipment.

Throughout Nexco Engineering's history of providing a complete package of lifting and certification in the oil industry internationally, the company has succeeded in its aims:
To meet the specific craneage needs of the oil and gas industry.
To provide high quality crane engineering throughout the world on time and within price.
To deliver its service with a human touch.
To approach each project and challenge with renewed vigour whilst effectively applying the experience of projects through the years.

Throughout all of these specific aims, one main objective shines through - the ultimate approach which Crane's clients enjoy is the rounded approach to "healthcare management" of cranes. Keeping the crane efficient, safe and productive is often an important link in the supply chain. Attention to the anatomy of the crane itself, combined with operator training and safety standards is a more valuable package to the industry than just mere refurbishment and parts supply.
Services Include:
Operation, maintenance and repair programs for all makes of crane.
Complete refurbishment onsite or at our workshop.
Decommissioning and removal.
Upgrades to today's standard of specifications.
Survey, installation and calibration of electrical systems.
Risk assessment, safety training and environmental protection.
Parts supply and service exchange.
Crane sales and full package installation and maintenance.
Lifting equipment / rigging inspection, and certification.
Data Base management.
Nexco Engineering Service is an Authorized Service Center for Techcrane International, LLC.
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